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The Q&A: Makeup Artist Ariel Tejada

Apr 15, 2024

3 min. read

Morphe X Ariel Tejada -  a match made in makeup heaven. One of our fave celebrity makeup artists worked with us last year to launch a collection of MUA-level face and eye brushes to kick your routine up a notch. You loved the kits so much that we decided it was time to go all out – you can now build your own Ariel makeup brush kit and personalize your look even more, with the added expertise of an expert.   

Every beauty-lover deserves elite artistry and high performance craftsmanship, and who better than Morphe X Ariel Tejada to do just that? Master seamless blends while creating his signature sculpted complexion with face-defining highlights and contours.   

Here’s what Ariel Tejada himself had to say about this new launch – then get to work on crafting your own artistry with these elevated makeup brushes. 

Q: What was your vision behind launching these Ariel makeup brushes with Morphe? 

A: I received so many requests to have my brushes available individually outside of my kits, so in response I curated my top five most essential and popular brushes to be available and sold separately. Also, I wanted to make sure that my brushes were accessible for everyone’s budget. I wanted to bring through singles to make sure people could have access to my most essential brushes. 

"Here’s what Ariel Tejada himself had to say about this new launch – then get to work on crafting your own artistry with these elevated makeup brushes."

Q: What looks would you love to see on the beauty-lovers who purchase your Morphe X Ariel brushes? 

A: The special thing about these brushes is that they create all sorts of artistry, whether you want a more subtle and soft glam or something bolder these brushes allow creators to express themselves however they’d like. That was my goal with my collection, I wanted to provide people with the most versatile, high-performance brushes that help you achieve any glam you desire. 

Q: What is it about these Morphe X Ariel brushes that make them yours? What is it about the material, bristles, or shapes that say Ariel? 

A: Each brush in my Morphe X Ariel brush set collection has been handcrafted and curated by me to fit exactly what I like to use during glam. I worked on every detail from the shape, length, and material of the bristles to the design and weight of the handles to everything in between. This collection is essentially me to the core.  

Get to Know The Morphe X Ariel Collection. 

Now let’s get deep. Discover what Ariel has to say about the individual iconic brushes you’ll have to add to your beauty routine ASAP.

The A24 Foundation Brush

"This is my most essential brush. The densely packed bristles work like magic to blend seamlessly. Without it, the looks I create wouldn’t be my signature looks." 

The A58 Cream Contour Brush

“This brush is my go-to for cream contouring. The densely packed bristles and tapered tip work together to flawlessly sculpt and build structure, setting the tone for my signature look.” 

The A22 Blush Brush

“This is my all-time favorite brush. The fluffy brush head and tapered tip allowed me to make slight shifts in my blush technique that is now the epitome of my signature look.” 

The A19 Concealer Brush

“I can’t live without this brush! Being dual-ended, it gives me ultimate versatility to apply concealer in hard-to-reach areas and perfect my signature look.” 

A14 Precision Setting Brush

“This fluffy, rounded brush is the greatest multiuse brush. I use it for every step of makeup application. I couldn’t complete my signature looks without it.” 

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