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Morphe's eyeliner collection is perfect for makeup enthusiasts looking to enhance their eye makeup game. From gel eyeliner to pencil liner or waterproof eyeliner to liquid liner, we offer a wide range of eye makeup product types to suit the different needs of every makeup lover. Gel eyeliner provides a smooth and precise application, allowing for creative and bold eye looks. Pencil liner is an easy to use eyeliner perfect for being smudged and smoked out for a smokey eye look. Waterproof eyeliner ensures long-lasting wear, making it ideal for changing environments or special occasions. Liquid eyeliner offers a sharp and defined line, perfect for achieving cat-eye or winged eyeliner looks. With Morphe's diverse eyeliner collection, everyone can find the perfect product to create stunning eye makeup looks that last all day.  

Why Shop Morphe Eyeliner Products?

Morphe's collection of high-quality and affordable eyeliner is a makeup lover's dream come true. With an extensive range of MUA-quality products, Morphe has something for everyone when it comes to eyeliner makeup and eyeliner brushes. For those who prefer a precise and long-lasting look, our gel eyeliner perfectly glides on smoothly and effortlessly, giving a professional finish that lasts. For those who need a liner that can withstand any situation, our waterproof eyeliner is a game-changer, staying put to ensure your eyes always look flawless. And for those who love a bold and dramatic look, our liquid eyeliners or pencil liner are a must-have to create sharp and defined or smokey and blended, allowing you to unleash your creativity. With Morphe's affordable eyeliner collection, achieving the perfect eye makeup look has never been easier or more accessible. Shop our high-quality and budget-friendly collection of eyeliner makeup products and brushes today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Morphe Eyeliner Products

What to look for when buying eyeliner? 

When it comes to buying eyeliner, it’s all about preference, lifestyle, and the look you’re loving right now. If you want a precise, jet black line that lasts 12 hours, the Morphe Gel Eyeliner is the way to go. If you’d rather your liner look be one-and-done, the Morphe Felt Tip Liquid Liner is easy to handle and precision is a breeze. The Morphe 2 Always On Gel Liner delivers that smudgable line that is versatile for achieving ao many eye makeup looks.

Should you wear eyeliner on the top or bottom lid? 

There are certain eyeliner formulas that are formulated to perform best around different parts of the eye. A pencil eyeliner or gel eyeliner can be worn on the top of the lash line or the waterline (often described as “tight lining”). A liquid eyeliner is best used on the top lash line to create that clean, precise line or wing. Make sure to read the product descriptions before application.

How far should eyeliner go? 

The limit does not exist – Morphe believes in artistry and self-expression and that includes how dramatic you want your eyeliner to be. From short wings to graphic designs that reach your brow bone, express your every mood with Morphe eyeliner. 

What are the different types of eyeliner?

Morphe eyeliner comes in a variety of formulas, shades and finishes so you can explore every beauty mood and trend you want to try. The Morphe Gel Eyeliner is a traditional pot gel eyeliner that is waterproof, long-wearing, and is best when applied with one of our Morphe eyeliner brushes. Morphe Felt Tip Liquid Liner is a go-to for any novice or experienced beauty lover, as it’s an easy-to-wield pen that dries down semi-matte and won’t smudge or transfer. The Morphe 2 Always On Gel Liner is not only easy to apply but comes in neutrals and bright (we’re talking teal and fuschia). Stock up and try all of the Morphe eyeliners.