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Which Brow Brush Is The One For You?

Jan 4, 2024

3 min read

Is there anything better than an unprompted compliment about your eyebrows? Some girl leaned all the way out of a fast food drive-thru one time to tell me my brows were looking lush and I still have not recovered. And honestly? My eyebrow routine has a lot to do with the brow brushes I use to achieve certain looks. How to apply eyebrow gel is not as intimidating as it might seem. Whether I’m trying to look natural and filled, lifted and tamed, or bold and defined, it’s not only about the products you use and the brows your mom gave you.

It's about the brow brushes we met along the way. So consider this your go-to guide for all things eyebrow tools featuring the Morphe Supreme Brow Collection. The random compliments will follow soon enough.

M620 Supreme Brow Dual-Ended Eyebrow Brush

$6 $4.50

Creator Brush Series


Get ready to be obsessed. The Morphe
M625 Three-in-One Brow Sculpting Brush is a multi-functional, double-sided
tool for filling, fluffing, and softly laminating eyebrows. It features a
precision brush to apply hair-like strokes and definition, a comb to feather
brows, achieving brushed-up brows, and a paddle to press them down.

You can use this innovative brush with any of your fave eyebrow products like a brow wax, pomade, or gel, but I’m reaching for the tinted Supreme Brow Sculpting & Shaping Wax every time. A brow brush with color is an easy 1-2 step to a polished look.


We know it, we love it, it’s a Morphe brow brush icon for a reason. The Morphe
M620 Angled Comb & Spoolie Brow Brush
is a dual-ended tool for sculpting and shaping brows. Featuring a spoolie brush to effortlessly scoop up and apply product to brows, and an angled, compact comb to lift and feather them for a softly laminated effect.  

This tool is best when paired with the clear Supreme Brow Sculpting & Shaping Wax ,
the Morphe brow gel that acts as a brow pomade.


Now the big question – when to use which brush and why? The new tinted Supreme Brow Sculpting & Shaping Wax comes in 5 shade-flexing tints to take softly laminated effects to the next level. It’s a brow tint gel you need in your beauty kit. The M625 brush is ideal to pair with the tinted wax because it was designed to evenly distribute the tint – it is also targeted enough so the shade won’t stray outside of the intended brow shape. You can use this brush to create hairlike strokes and definition, comb,
then press down your fresher, bolder brow look.  

The clear SupremeBrow Sculpting & Shaping Wax is a little more foolproof as
well as great to layer on top of other eyebrow products. Pairing this with the M620
helps to softly laminate brows or achieve the brushed-up brow look if
you want a subtle or swipe-and-go aesthetic. 

What makes a Supreme Brow? Your attitude + the very best in brow

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"…consider this your go-to guide for all things eyebrow tools featuring the Morphe Supreme Brow Collection. The random compliments will follow soon enough."