WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE? Matte vs. Velvet Matte

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Lip look-obsessed? Us too. From ultra-matte to glowy and glossy, we want to try every finish, texture, and formula straight from the Morphe labs. Right now, we’re all about that long-lasting lipstick look in both matte and velvet matte textures. (Probably because we just launched Morphe Soulmatte Velvet Lip Mousse and it is so good). That led to the question, what exactly is the difference between the two?


We love a beauty nerd moment, so we sat down with the Head of Education for FORMA Brands, Ryane Michaels, to talk all things matte vs. velvet matte.


Morphe Matte Lipstick


Whether your fave Morphe matte formula is in the form of a traditional bullet or a liquid, Ryane says it’s all about that no-shine that stays locked. “People often think of matte as being really drying and sapped of moisture, but our formulas are made to give that zero reflection finish without harming your lips,” she says. “You get that glow-free, natural finish that’s comfortable to wear.”


She also shares it’s of the utmost importance to prep your lips when going matte. “Having a lip prep routine makes all the difference when it comes to matte,” she says. “Gently scrub your lips with a soft bristled toothbrush or clean washcloth, or a true lip scrub. It’ll just make your matte lipstick look better.”


Her fave way to wear a matte lip? She’s going one of two ways. “I either love a bold eye with a matte lip if I’m going to an event for a sophisticated look, or no-makeup makeup and a matte lip for that perfect hop-on-a-Zoom call put together polish.”


Morphe Soulmatte Velvet Lip Mousse


The Velvet Lips trend has been blowing up TikTok lately, and for good reason. This soft, blurred-out lip look is so pretty, versatile, and easy to incorporate into your own makeup routines. “People are drawn to the softness of a velvet lip, and the approachability of it. It’s really customizable and easy to wear while being so natural and whipped-looking.”


Soulmatte Velvet Lip Mousse glides onto the lips while nourishing them with Vitamin E, melting in for a seamless application. “You can use the Morphe Soulmatte Filling Gel Lip Liner with a matte or velvet matte lipstick, but this specific gel textured liner gives a truly soft and natural feel and works with your lips.”


She also shares how she loves to wear the velvet lip trend for herself. “I apply the gel liner to the center of my lips without lining the outside. Then I go in with the Velvet Lip Mousse and apply on my lips for this ethereal soft finish that’s blurred-out and plush.”


Are you Team Matte or Team Velvet Matte? Let us know!




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