Collab Palettes

Makeup Palette Collabs

Morphe’s Collab Palettes Collection: where artistry meets collaboration

Unleash the power of creative synergy with Morphe's makeup palette collabs, a collection curated to help you achieve flawless makeup looks like your favorite Makeup Artist. We believe that beauty is a canvas for collaboration, and our specially crafted collab eyeshadow and pressed pigment palettes* bring together the best of both worlds: the expertise of Morphe and the unique vision of renowned makeup artists.

Each Morphe collab palette is a masterpiece born from the harmonious fusion of Morphe's cutting-edge formulas and the artistic prowess of our MUA collaborators. With our 9-pan pallets, 18-pan palettes, and 35-pan palettes, you can dive into a world of rich pigments, blendable textures, and stunning finishes that empower you to create looks as diverse and vibrant as your imagination.

Discover the stories behind each collab palette as we join forces with makeup artists, beauty influencers, and artistic visionaries who share our passion for innovation and self-expression. From bold and adventurous to subtle and sophisticated, our collaborators bring their unique flair to every palette, ensuring there's something for every makeup enthusiast.

Why Shop Morphe Collab Palettes?

At Morphe, we pride ourselves on delivering professional MUA-quality eyeshadows and pressed pigments that perform flawlessly and reflect the latest trends. Our makeup collab palettes are no exception – expect richly pigmented shades, long-lasting formulas, and packaging that doubles as a work of art.

Whether you're a seasoned makeup pro or just starting your beauty journey, Morphe's collab palettes cater to all skill levels. Explore the collection and find the perfect palette that resonates with your style. From everyday elegance to bold statements, our makeup palettes suit every mood.

Elevate your makeup game with Morphe's collab palettes and showcase your inner makeup artist. Start your journey with Morphe today!

*while the pressed pigments are not intended for use around the eyes, these shades can be used anywhere else on your face or body. We recommend using the beautiful pressed pigment shades to enhance your overall look by applying on your cheeks and temples.

Frequently Asked Questions About Morphe Collab Palettes

How often does Morphe collab with influencers and beauty stars?

As an artistry brand, Morphe is inspired not only by the looks its fans create, but also by the influencers, MUAs, and creators who show their attitude and points of view off with their beauty. There is no set timeline regarding when Morphe collabs with beauty stars, it’s all about what we’re excited about in the beauty space and when we really click with an artist. All the more reason to follow us on IG and TikTok, to find out every time a new collection drops.

What is the difference between eyeshadows and pressed pigments?

An eyeshadow is a makeup product applied to the eyelids to add color and dimension to the eyes, available in a variety of shades, finishes to create any eye look. A pressed pigment is also a makeup product, usually a pressed powder, that offers vibrant colors that can be applied to your cheeks and temples for an expressive look.