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Eye Makeup: Mascara, Eyeliner, Shadows, Primers & More!

Create stunning eye looks with Morphe's quality eye makeup products

Morphe offers a diverse selection of eye makeup products that are designed to take your eye makeup looks to the next level. Start with our eye primers to create a flawless canvas for your eyeshadows, ensuring that they stay vibrant and crease-free throughout the day. With our extensive range of eyeshadow palettes, create endless stunning eye looks that are sure to captivate. From striking and bold colors to soft and natural tones, Morphe has an eyeshadow color to suit every mood and occasion. Morphe eyeliners are highly pigmented and long-lasting, ensuring that your eye makeup stays on point throughout the day or night. Whether you prefer a precise wing or smoky effect, Morphe has the perfect eyeliner option for you. To complete your eye makeup looks, our collection of strip lashes and mascaras will give your eyelashes the perfect volume, length, and definition to fit your style. Morphe empowers you to express your creativity and enhance your look with our high-quality eye makeup products.


Why Shop Morphe Eye Makeup Products?

Enhance your eyes with Morphe's affordable and quality eye makeup products
At Morphe, we understand that your eyes are a crucial part of your makeup routine; that's why we offer a diverse range of quality eye makeup products to help achieve your perfect eye makeup look. Choose from a variety of Morphe eyeshadow palettes and eyeliners designed to meet the needs of makeup enthusiasts of all levels. Our eyeshadow palettes feature a wide range of shades and finishes that enable endless eye makeup looks, from natural and everyday to bold and dramatic. Whether you prefer matte, shimmer, or metallic finishes, our palettes cater to your needs. And when it comes to eyeliners, we offer precision and longevity in every stroke. Our eyeliners are available in various formats, such as gel, liquid, and pencil, providing options for the perfect wing or precise line. Quality is our top priority, and that's why all of our eye makeup products are carefully formulated to ensure excellent pigmentation, blendability, and long-lasting wear. And the best part? Our products are not only of high quality but also affordable, making it easier for you to create stunning eye makeup looks without breaking the bank. Whether you are a makeup enthusiast looking to experiment with different looks or a professional makeup artist in need of reliable eye makeup products, Morphe is your go-to brand. Step up your eye makeup game and explore our collection today.


Frequently Asked Questions About Morphe Eye Products

How to remove Morphe mascara?

Removing your Morphe mascara is just as simple as applying it – just use a gentle cleanser and watch as it dissolves makeup, excess oil, dirt, and more. Feel free to go even deeper with your favorite makeup remover to get the rest. 

How to clean Morphe strip lashes?

In order to ensure your Morphe faux lashes are maintained flawlessly for multiple uses, start by removing them with the utmost care. Moisten a cotton swab with eye makeup remover and hold it against the band of your faux eyelash (avoiding wetting the strands), until the band begins separating from the lids. Carefully remove, and peel off any remaining glue. Place faux eyelashes in their original case to reshape them for their next use.

Are morphe eye products good for sensitive eyes?

Each and every person is different, so there is not one answer for this. If you are someone with sensitive skin or eyes, we recommend checking the ingredients, doing a patch test, and consulting an allergist or dermatologist if you are concerned. 

How do you use Morphe eyelash primer?

We love The Big Lash Lash Primer and for good reason – it’s infused with ingredients to condition, while the unique blue shade preps your lashes for larger-than-life volume and amplifies the effects and color intensity of your mascara. To use it is simple – coat the top side and bottom side of upper lashes, then let it set before applying mascara.

Is Morphe eyeliner waterproof?

The Morphe Liquid Liner is indeed waterproof – you can get precisely to the point with long-wearing, semi-matte color that won’t fade, smudge, or transfer. Even in water.

What are the pros and cons of eyebrow gel?

Eyebrow gel is a makeup product designed to help shape, define, and hold your eyebrows in place. Like any beauty product, there may be reasons why it is right for you and reasons why it is not. For example, eyebrow gel is great for a bold, brushed-up natural look that stays locked in place. It’s also pretty easy to use, and great for a quick and easy routine. If you’re looking for a more airbrushed, refined, or full glam brow, a gel might not be the best fit for that day. Either way, eyebrow gel is a useful product to keep in your makeup routine.