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Eyeshadows & Pressed Pigment Palettes

Welcome to Morphe's dazzling world of eyeshadows and pressed pigments.* Elevate your eyeshadow game with our extensive collection of artistry palettes featuring an array of vibrant hues, versatile textures, and unmatched quality. Dive into a spectrum of possibilities, from velvety mattes to shimmery metallics, ensuring boundless creativity and seamless blendability. Crafted with precision and color-packed formulas, Morphe eyeshadows and pressed pigments offer a kaleidoscope of options suitable for every style, mood, and occasion. Our diverse artistry palettes are curated to unleash the inner artist in both makeup hobbyists and professionals alike. Whether you crave sultry, smoky eyes or crave bold, vivid makeup looks, our range of eyeshadows and pressed color palette cater to all desires.

Explore innovation and expression with richly saturated shades that create endless stunning eye makeup looks. Morphe’s long-lasting and crease-resistant eyeshadows and pressed pigments effortlessly transition from day to night without fading. Discover the art of self-expression and redefine beauty with our captivating eyeshadow and artistry palette collection.

Why Shop Morphe Eyeshadow & Pressed Pigment Palettes?

Morphe eyeshadow palettes, eyeshadows, and pressed pigments are a makeup enthusiast's dream due to their quality, affordability, and versatility. The individual eyeshadows and artistry palettes offer an expansive spectrum of vibrant colors, varied finishes, and exceptional quality at budget prices, ensuring a world of creative potential. Whether for everyday wear or special occasions, these makeup products offer the tools needed to create stunning eye looks.

The individual eyeshadows and pressed colors provide the freedom to curate a personalized collection of specific shades and textures that resonate with your unique style. Morphe eyeshadow artistry palettes are a treasure trove of harmonious shades perfect for creating diverse makeup looks.

With affordability, rich pigmentation, blendability, and a wide range of options, Morphe eyeshadows and palettes are a one-stop destination for your eye makeup needs. Dive into a world of color and creativity and shop Morphe eyeshadows and artistry palettes today.

*while the pressed pigments are not intended for use around the eyes, these shades can be used anywhere else on your face or body. We recommend using the beautiful pressed pigment shades to enhance your overall look by applying on your cheeks and temples.

Frequently Asked Questions About Morphe Artistry Palettes

What’s the difference between pressed pigment vs eyeshadow?

An eyeshadow is a makeup product applied to the eyelids to add color and dimension to the eyes, available in a variety of shades, finishes to create any eye look. A pressed pigment is also a makeup product, usually a pressed powder, that offers vibrant colors that can be applied to your cheeks and temples for an expressive look.

Are Morphe eyeshadow and pigments vegan?

Although Morphe champions vegan products and formulas, not every product is indeed vegan. We recommend checking the product pages or packaging of any product for more information.

What eye primer works best with Morphe artistry palettes?

The Morphe Eye Lid Primer pairs perfectly with any eyeshadow look – it’s longwearing, waterproof, and crease proof. We also love using our Prep & Set Mist+ as an eyeshadow primer. 

How to make a good eyeshadow look?

Morphe believes that makeup is how you make it – no rules. However, if you’re looking to master a classic silhouette in minimal steps, there are four shades that create a traditional smoky look. Choose a neutral shade for the base, a medium shade in the crease, a darker shade in the outer corner of the eye, and a shimmer shade in the middle of the eyelid and inner corners for brightness. Make sure to read instructions on all palettes or product description pages to ensure you’re applying the correct shades in the correct areas of the face.