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Behind the Collection: Huephoric Rush 3-in-1 Silk Blush

Jun 2, 2024

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There’s nothing quite like the rush that comes from finding your favorite beauty essential – and lately? Give us all the cream blushes. From the coquette trend to underpainting and more, cream blush is taking center stage this season and beyond when it comes to our makeup routines.   

Meet Morphe’s latest launch, Huephoric Rush 3-in-1 Silk Blush. It was formulated so you can experience a rush of expressive color that primes, hydrates, and blurs your skin for a naturally diffused effect you'll love. Swirled with a silky, skin-perfecting primer and infused with hyaluronic acid spheres, vegetable collagen, and bamboo extract, this buttery-smooth formula glides on and melts in for a supple matte finish that hydrates skin all day long.  

We sat down with Morphe’s Brand Manager of Face, Gabby Wolcott, to learn about all things Huephoric. We covered what makes this cream blush so unique you’ll want to grab every one of its six shades.  

Huephoric Rush 3-in-1 Silk Blush


Pleasured (warm pink)


Huephoric Rush 3-in-1 Silk Blush


Intoxicated (rose mauve)


Huephoric Rush 3-in-1 Silk Blush


Hypnotized (terracotta rose)


The Story Behind Huephoric Rush 

What was once a product most beauty lovers had one or two of, blush is having a real moment as more than just a simple accessory to other color products. “Blush used to be more seasonal, you might have the same few shades for years,” Gabby says. “But now blush has blown up in a way where it’s more akin to lip products. People buy tons of shades and textures and finishes. They layer them, they load them’s more experimental than ever before.” 

Morphe has launched blushes in the past, but they were always a part of limited-edition collections. And while they were well-loved, never quite made it into the full collection. “We started to think about what a core blush product would be for Morphe and knew it had to be innovative and a cream blush that had skincare benefits,” Gabby says. “People are loving that melted blush look rather than cakier or drier products, so we started there.” 

What Makes This Cream Blush Different 

Enter Huephoric Rush 3-in-1 Silk Blush, a truly special Morphe blush that is already creating a buzz. “I’ve never seen anything like this on the market,” says Gabby. “First of all, it’s visually engaging with the swirled primer and unique six shades. But the texture in general is very unique. The primer adds a smoothing, pore-diffusing effect that extends the wear of your makeup. Then it is super hydrating with our hyaluronic blurring spheres, while the blush goes on so buttery then transforms on the skin into a supple matte finish. It’s not sticky or greasy, just glowy and moisturizing.” 

 The special nature of this cream blush doesn’t stop at its formula, but also extends to the shade Morphe chose to launch with. “Our past blushes were more on the natural or nude end of the spectrum, and we wanted to have fun with this. Huephoric plays on what elicits your emotions – whether that’s being excited or nervous, or anywhere else on the feelings spectrum. So we created shades like Energized, which is a pink lavender that is a very wearable take on the lavender trend. Addicted is an apricot shade that looks so gorgeous on deeper skin tones. You can have a lot of fun with these while they are also still very versatile.”  

"We sat down with Morphe’s Brand Manager of Face, Gabby Wolcott, to learn about all things Huephoric. "

How to Use (and Love) Huephoric Rush 

The reaction to Huephoric Rush has already been beyond positive, and influencers and beauty lovers alike are excited about both the look and feel of Morphe’s latest launch. “We’ve been seeing people touching it, swatching it, and just overall feeling really energized by the formula,” Gabby says. “It’s been great seeing the way people have responded to how creamy this blush is and how it gives that supple matte finish.” 

Along with Huephoric, Morphe has also created the Mini Cloud Cushion Puff, a makeup puff that is perfect for your blush, concealer, bronzer, or setting powder. “This puff is so cute and convenient,” Gabby says. “It almost feels like a beauty sponge that is already damp without it being damp. It beautifully presses and blends product into the skin. It’s seriously the perfect complement to your new blush.” 

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