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Behind The Collection: Rich & Foiled

Apr 8, 2024

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Looking to add some richness to your life? A VIP table? A private jet? Or maybe just a really iconic metallic eyeshadow look? We took this obsession with the luxe life and created the Rich & Foiled Collection, three new eyeshadow palettes that offer a wealth of possibilities.

Forged from Morphe’s color and formula expertise, these nine-pan neutral curations instantly elevate your artistry with richly pigmented mattes, shimmers, and metallics—plus, a crown jewel: a debut foil-like Molten Metal Eyeshadow that can be applied dry for creamy effects or wet for incredibly luminous payoff. Blend and build them in a flash for an everyday pop or a look that’s festival-season-ready.

We sat down with Morphe’s Copy Manager, Jennifer Hirshlag-Ward, to get behind the personalities of these palettes, the beyond-memorable shade names, and how she believes each Rich & Foiled palette can bring your inner richness to life.

Meet the Rich & Foiled Collection

What’s your excessive and expressive personality profile? Meet the gilded trio.

Gold Seeker: Inspired by the girl who stops at nothing to enjoy life’s luxuries, this indulgently warm-toned palette delivers bronze and neutral shades–plus, a gold metallic after which the palette is named.

Going Platinum: Like the party girl with a no-limits lifestyle, this provocatively cool-toned palette provides endless opportunities for a subtle to beyond un-subtle smoky eye. The wet-to-dry silver metallic called Going Platinum steals the show with its shine.

Rose to Fame: Think of that girl who is suddenly everywhere—paparazzi loves her and her look is always on point. This rivetingly rosy-toned palette is blushed-out and sultry, with its rose gold metallic shade Rose to Fame giving serious payoff.

The Story Behind Rich & Foiled

When speaking about the just-dropped Rich & Foiled Collection, Jennifer highlighted the innovative nature of the Molten Metal Eyeshadow formula, which can be found in the middle of each palette.

“Morphe is known for its eyeshadow and this really pushes it to the next level,” she says. “The Molten Metal Eyeshadow is so unique and versatile and is truly the definition of richness. You can apply it on its own for a pretty pigmented wash of metallic or play it up by wetting a brush and having fun with its liquid metal effect.”

Jennifer goes on to speak to how these eyeshadow palettes can spark fresh inspiration for the beauty newbie or the makeup lover who collects every palette ever. “Each palette is very curated to a specific color story, but within each there is so much opportunity to think outside the box. You can seriously switch up your beauty routine, going from a basic neutral look to going completely festival-season crazy. They are also easy to travel with, so you can create so many different looks wherever you go.”

Which Rich & Foiled Palette Is for You?

The short answer is literally all of them—you never know what so-extra mood is going to strike. But Jennifer shares about the creative process behind naming each palette, and which shades tap into a different mood of richness and excess.

“When we [the creative team] start to ideate on the story within a collection, we work to capture a mood or archetype that anyone can inhabit and make their own. I gravitate toward personalities, and often look at the team’s moodboard, listen to music, and look at people or celebrities who convey what we want the product to show.”

What does that mean for the three metallic eyeshadow palettes within Rich & Foiled? “Gold Seeker evokes someone who stops at nothing to enjoy the best in life. Shades like Big Splendour, Gilty Pleasure, and Have Your Cake are all about absolutely having no limits when it comes to luxury.

Going Platinum captures the fresh energy of someone newly in the spotlight who is taking advantage of every amenity available. Private jets, lots of friends, and the party lifestyle. Shades like Invitation Only and Gems With Benefits show that.

Rose to Fame inhabits a more carefree yet equally wealthy mindset. This is someone who may have been raised in the public eye but is making her own way at the same time. Shades like Charmed Life, Spoiler Alert, and Brassy & Sassy bring that aesthetic to life.”

"…the star of the show being our brand new Molten Metal Eyeshadow formula that holds a wealth of possibility when you’re wielding your favorite eyeshadow brush. "

What Morphe Wants You to Know

We believe there are no rules when it comes to makeup, and Rich & Foiled taps into the excessive, expressive energy within us all. Keep it simple, have a little fun, or go all out—these metallic eyeshadow palettes aim to spark the richest of makeup looks.

“I can’t wait to see what people create with these palettes,” Jen says. “They can express their individuality with a rock-and-roll liner or an allover look. The team is very proud of this launch, from the stunning packaging to what’s inside. There is a wealth of possibilities in this collection.”

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