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How to Use A Sunscreen Setting Spray In Your Makeup Routine

Mar 12, 2024

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You’re not a Morphe baddie if you don’t stand for the setting spray – it’s why our Continuous Setting Spray is a best-seller again and again. They are, in fact, a staple in many makeup routines, promising to lock in your look for a flawless, long-lasting finish.

But with the increasing awareness of sun protection, and because the name of the game is our best skin ever always, sun protection is key. Did you know that not only do sunscreen setting sprays exist, but we developed a pretty great one?

The Morphe Sunsetter Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Setting Spray is a setting spray with SPF – it offers the combined benefit of setting your makeup and protecting your skin from harmful UV rays. No matter how active or outdoorsy you are, protecting your skin is the key to staying snatched for years to come.

Additionally, these sprays can be especially convenient for reapplying sunscreen throughout the day, especially over makeup. So here’s everything you need to know about setting sprays with SPF. The sun has come out to play with these sprays.

What to Consider about Sunscreen Setting Sprays

Versatile, dual-use products are a great way to simplify your skincare and makeup routine while reaping all the benefits. Here are some tips to using your setting
spray with SPF.

Look at the SPF Coverage: While setting sprays with SPF offer sun protection, it's crucial to understand the kind of protection your specific skin requires. If you have fairer skin or burn easily, you should make sure to check what level of SPF this setting spray has.

Reapplication: Similar to some misting sunscreens, you may want to apply more than you would a typical setting spray to ensure even and adequate coverage across your entire face and neck. As with any sunscreen, setting sprays with SPF need to be reapplied every few hours, especially if you’re sporting a full face at the beach or a music festival.

Remember This is a Regimen: Sunscreen setting sprays are a smart addition to your sun protection routine but should not replace your stand-alone sunscreen step. Make sure you are still following up after your moisturizer with a sunscreen, then locking in your makeup with this essential to take protection to the next level.

How to Layer Your Sunscreen Setting Spray

While setting sprays with SPF can be a handy option for quick touch-ups, they shouldn't be your primary source of sun protection. Here are some other ways to layer your sun protection with makeup.

Traditional Sunscreen: Apply a broad-spectrum SPF 30 or higher sunscreen as the base of your makeup routine. Choose a lightweight, oil-free formula that won't clog pores or interfere with makeup application.

Sunscreen Powder: Mineral sunscreens come in powder form, making them a convenient option for reapplication over makeup throughout the day. Look for a non-comedogenic formula that won't clog pores.

SPF Makeup Products: Many makeup products, such as foundations, BB creams, and cushion compacts, now come with built-in SPF protection. While this can provide some additional sun protection, it's still crucial to layer a traditional sunscreen underneath for optimal coverage.

What Else to Know About Sunscreen Setting Sprays

So when looking for the perfect sunscreen setting spray for you, what
should you look for?

1. When choosing a setting spray with SPF, opt for broad-spectrum protection that shields against both UVA and UVB rays.

2. Look for lightweight, oil-free formulas that won't clog pores or cause your makeup to

3. Remember, setting sprays with SPF are not a substitute for regular sunscreen application. Reapply sunscreen every few hours, and more often if you are sweating or swimming.

4. If you have concerns about using setting sprays with SPF on your skin, consult a
dermatologist for personalized advice.

The result: The Morphe Sunsetter Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Setting Spray is a micro-fine, SPF 30-infused mist setting spray that sets and improves the wear of your makeup while protecting your complexion against sun, blue light, and daily environmental stressors.

When paired with any of your makeup looks – from beach casual to pool party glam, it’s a great addition to your sun protection regimen to ensure your gorgeous face stays protected and you have fun in the sun.

"So here’s everything you need to know about setting sprays with SPF. The sun has come out to play with these sprays."

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