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Faux Lashes

Lashes Application & Care

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How to Apply Faux Lashes Flawlessly

6 steps to instant success.

Confused about how to best apply your faux lashes? You’re in the right place. If you’ve opted for our classic Morphe Lashes, they’re designed for effortless application so you should be all set. If you’re ready to graduate to our Premium Lashes, there’s a little more you need to know, so your 6-step guide to flawless application is below.

 How to Apply Faux Lashes

    1. Gently remove your Premium Lashes [is there a page for all Premium Lashes?] from the tray. Using our Lash Applicator, start at the outer corner of the lash and slowly pull the band away from the tray. Make sure you don’t clamp any lashes with the applicator.

    1. Stretch the thin cotton band by tugging each end gently into a shape resembling an upside-down U. This will help form the lashes to your specific eye shape. Once the band has gained flexibility, you’re ready to measure.

    1. Measure the lashes by laying them on your lash line. Using scissors, trim excess from the outer corners of the lash

    1. Curl your natural lashes to help hold up faux lashes. Then coat your natural lashes with your favorite mascara. This will help them blend together.

    1. Take your preferred lash glue and apply a thin layer directly onto the cotton band. Let it set for 30-40 seconds, allowing the glue to achieve a tacky consistency for easier application.

    1. Looking down at a mirror, the Lash Applicator to gently place your faux lashes as close to the lash line as possible. Start at the center of the eye, securing out to the corners. Let dry. Brush your natural lashes into the faux lashes to further blend the hairs. Repeat this technique on the other eye.

Lash Applicator



Apply your falsies with precision and ease. Pick them up, place on lash line, and press with curved side of applicator to keep them put.


• Precise application
• Curved Side Applicator



• Wrap your new lashes around a brush handle for a few seconds to increase flexibility and get a good fit.

• End of the night? Gently remove lashes by lifting the band, beginning at the inner corner of the eye.

• If your lashes have buildup (glue, mascara, glitter, etc.), gently brush them through with a clean lash comb or Spoolie. Still got some stragglers? Gently use tweezers to clean up the last of the glue.

• Keep your lashes cozy in their original box, let them hang with their friends in the Lash Book or take them wherever you go in our Lash Travel Case.

Travel Case



Stash your lashes in style with this chic case plus mirror. With room for your three favorites, you’ll be ready to faux on-the-go.


• Travel friendly
• Enclosed mirror